Teen Interests

The most important things on a Teenagers mind


Teen Club, 6th March 1999


The Topic for the day was “The most important things on a Teenagers mind.” The junior leaders helped me prepare the message by giving what they thought were the most important things on the minds of teenagers. At the meeting we asked the youth to write down their own list of most important things. Here’s a summary of what was written.


Basically the biggest thing was to be HAPPY.


But that came under different categories.


To be happy by


BEING ACCEPTED–popularity, admiration by the opposite sex, being cool, boy friend/girl friend.


SUCCESS–in sports, studies, extra curricular activities like music and debating.




FUN– through sports, parties, dancing, clothes, watching TV, listening to music, good food, playing at the computer.


SATISFACTION–through filling up what is lacking in life, not being afraid of anyone (this person had two crossed swords next to that entry)


A small number included GOD–pleasing him, knowing him and serving him.