Technology And Preaching



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Technology could be a help or a hindrance to good preaching. One of the biggest problems in the church is that our leaders are technicians when they should primarily be thinkers, theologians–that is, with everything they do coming from reflecting on the teaching of the scriptures. For example the great John Stott who was in every way a great theologian of the Christian life applied to contemporary life was not computer savvy. I use technology a lot. But I try to make it something that helps me do technical work (e.g. exegesis) faster and more efficiently than before so that I will be freed to give extra time for thinking, meditating, applying etc etc. Of course the other kinds of technology like PowerPoint become helpful aids to communication–that is another topic.



I also use Logos which is very helpful. But I use it as my reference (2nd) software. For primary study I use BibleWorks–which is more helpful for uninfluenced study of the text. I find Louw and Nida and The New Internataional Dictionaries of New Testament Theology and of OT Theology and Exegesis (NIDNTT and NIDOTTE)–both available through LOGOS–to be more helpful than Kittel which is a bit dated in its methodology of word study as it predates the semantic revolution in biblical Studies.