Personal Battles At 50

Around early 1999





  1. Keeping the mind pure, controlling the eyes etc.
  2. Giving sufficient time to pray.
  3. Fighting anger over situations and over the way people have treated me.
  4. Overcoming my inability to rebuke and confront those I lead when holy-love requires I do that.
  5. Over-scheduling myself: saying ‘yes’ to invitations—especially to speak—without really thinking about all that is involved.
  6. Avoiding tough issues in YFC that could aggravate dangerously if not confronted, especially the Y-Gro-YFC relationship.
  7. Irritability arising from the need for patience with people, especially their slowness, and with situations that hold me back.
  8. Finding time, or rather making time, to help my aging parents.
  9. Finding time for the necessary chores of life—relating to house, finances, government requirements, visiting etc.
  10. Spending too much time at e-mail.
  11. Finding the best way to effect a transition in leadership in YFC in preparation for my handing over.
  12. Finding time to study and write and fighting the self-pity that arises from being unable to do this.
  13. Impacting my children as much as I can in the little time left before they leave home.