Homosexual Issue Short Summary

On the Homosexual Issue


To Gary Yeoh,

Klang/Port Klang Pastors Fellowship.



Thanks Gary. Just working on a document from the Colombo Theological Seminary on the LGBT issue. I believe  there is no compromise on any kind of sexual relations outside marriage. Hetero or homo-sexual. But as we welcome to our churches those who sin heterosexually and seek their repentance and restoration to the life of holiness, we will do so with those who sin homosexually. We realise that there may be a very small minority of people who will live with homosexual temptation all there life. As we would tell single heterosexuals, their call is to celibacy. But I consider celibate Christians struggling with homosexual temptations as heroes because they refuse to bow down to the trends of the world. Also I think it is wrong to identify them as homosexuals. They are Christians and like all Christians they struggle with temptation. But the temptation does not identify them. Their place in the family of God identifies them. There is a strong trend in the world that says that people have a right to satisfy their desires. That is the sign of a weak generation. Strong people refuse to nurture sinful desire.