Donald Demaray

Dr Donald E. Demaray


I have just heard of the home-going of my beloved Professor of Preaching at Asbury Theological Seminary, Dr Donald E. Demaray.


I took the basic preaching class under Dr Demaray in my first semester at Asbury. I was left with a vision of the greatness, or better grandeur, of the call to preach which has never left me. My life in the forty some years after leaving Asbury has been one of labouring primarily among the urban poor. Giving time for preparation has been tough, but I have tried not to fail here. Preaching is too great a task to take lightly. Of course the preparation has kept me fresh and excited about ministry too!


One of the ways Dr Demaray impacted me was by introducing me to some Pulpit Giants in the history of the church. Pulpit Giants is the title of my favourite book written by Dr Demaray. During over thirty-nine years of ministry, I have not had the privilege of following continuing education classes. I have not had a real boss to supervise my work either. But biographies have provided me with continuing education and mentoring.


I have also being greatly blessed by continued contact with Dr Demaray through e-mail. He would write to me often with the assurance of prayer for me, and it was my joy to pray for him, especially as he devoted himself to the care of his beloved wife Kathleen.


I am so grateful for the impact of Dr Demaray on my life.


Ajith Fernando