Gospel Content and theology

On The Resurrection

Published in the Island Newspaper ON Easter Sunday 1999   EASTER: THE FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIANITY   By Dr. Ajith Fernando National Director, Youth for Christ   While Christmas is the most popular festival in the Christian calendar in Sri Lanka, historically Easter has been its most important festival. I suspect that the popularity of …

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Two Strands Earth Destroyed, Creation Redeemed

TWO STRANDS IN THE BIBLEAjith FernandoNational Director, Youth for Christ/Sri Lanka        The primary aim in descriptions of the end-times in the Bible is to help us live faithfully in the present. The Bible presents various strands of end-time events couched in figurative language which are sometimes difficult to harmonize—resulting in numerous …

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Cavinist Arminian

ARMINIAN? CALVINIST? I, a Methodist, made a surprise discovery of theologically likeminded folk while ministering recently at Welch College (a college of the Freewill Baptists). I was especially enriched by conversations with its President Matthew Pinson who edited the Zondervan book Four Views on Eternal Security. Like me they have a sense of kinship …

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