Christian Life


December 2012   LIFE IS PRAYER Ajith Fernando     Usually I go to see my mother just before I leave on a foreign trip. Recently, I visited her before leaving for New Zealand. I told her that I was a worried because I had a hectic preaching schedule and was suffering from a …


Residual Anger

RESIDUAL ANGER Ajith Fernando   A few days ago I realised that Paul used the words “rejoice,” “rejoiced,” “joy,” and “glad” a total of sixteen times in the Epistle to the Philippians. The great Bible scholar A. T. Robertson aptly named his classic exposition on Philippians, Paul’s Joy in Christ. This Epistle was written …

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Eating With Servants

Written in 2007   SOME UNCOMFORTABLE VERSES OF SCRIPTURE Eating with Servants Ajith Fernando   Dear friends,   Sometimes when we are studying the Bible we come across some statements that force us into some uncomfortable conclusions. This is what happened to me when I was studying the section on the three Pilgrimage Festivals …

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