Christian Life


GENIUS AND GRACE Ajith Fernando     Some years ago I read a fascinating book called Genius and Grace by Dr. Gaius Davies (Hodder & Stoughton, 1992; I believe the book has been revised as published as Genius, Grief and Grace). Dr. Davies is a consultant psychiatrist at King’s College Hospital in London and …

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Biblical Curses

August 2009   Note: There are many passages in the Bible that talk about curses. Some Christians find them are so troubling that they tend to ignore them or reject them as not applicable for today. If we believe that all scripture is inspired by God, we cannot ignore unpleasant passages found in the …

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Sovereignty And Turmoil

Published in Anchored in the Storm: Faith at Work in the Trials of Life, edited by Irene Howat (UK: Crusade for World Revival, 2001).   GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY AMIDST TURMOIL Ajith Fernando   When Sri Lanka experienced its first of many recent violent uprisings in 1983 the truth that God burned into my heart more …

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