Can A Christian Have A Homosexual Roommate


In addition to the article I sent to you on Homosexuality and the Church, I thought I will add the following thoughts.

I do not think there are any theological reasons to prevent a Christian from having a homosexual roommate. The reasons would be practical.

1. Would this person be attracted sexually to you as she is attracted to females? Would there be a danger of being seduced? This is why Boy scouts in USA does not allow homosexuals as cousellors in their camps. They lost millions of dollars of government and other aid because of this decision. It is one thing to care for such a person. It is another to be in physical proximity, espcially at night which can be a sexually charged time. But all this may not happen. Yet one must know that it could easily happen. Boys often find themselves seduced by someone else when they sleep in the same room.

In this fallen world, Christians will be sometimes tempted in ways that surprise them. Those who are not homosexuals may be tempted homosexually when seduced. This temptation is not sin and is not an indication that the person is homosexual. But it can cause a lot of confusion if entertained, and if succumbed to, it can have dangerous consequences.

2. Can the Christian handle the emotional strain of daily contact with a person of homosexual orientation?

Bless you!


April 2011