Bishop Jack Dain

7th April 2005


Mrs. Hester Dain,


Dear Hester,


I have been hit by a nasty flu, and one of the few things I could do was to read in bed. I read your Jack’s Memoirs fully. It was so very refreshing and encouraging and healthgiving–a breath of fresh air amidst a lot of gloomy situations the church here is facing right now. Leighton’s tribute were very inspiring as was everything else in the book. Janet’s tribute often brought tears to my eyes. Nelun and I have four months more to enjoy our daughter before she leaves home to get married (happily to a fellow YFC staff worker). So daughter talk brings tears easily!


I was particularly struck by what he said to Leighton the last time they met. His three point prayer for the church:

1. A longing for the church to be biblically based and fed on the Word of God;

2. For its leaders to be concerned for majority issues not minority ones;

3. To be concerned for the wider good; not narrow groupings.


I just kept hoping and now I am praying–O God, give us more sincere men like this. People who do not work for acceptance from others or to build their own kingdoms, but are motivated by a singular desire to please God and build his kingdom.


Actually that is my lasting memory as I think of my involvement in the Lausanne movement. There were giants there. Giants because their unmixed passion was Christ and his kingdom. Giants because they were willing to step down from positions for the sake of the greater good. Giants because they worked hard not asking for recognition, and not counting the cost.


Jack Dain, John Reid, John Stott, Leighton Ford, Robert Coleman, David Howard, Festo Kivengere, Warren Webster, C. B. Hogue, Tom Houston and the members of our “once” Younger Leaders Committee come immediately to mind. A modern day Hebrews 11. And Jack was an elder statesman to them all.


I am thankful to God for these people and am sad that Asian names did not come to me spontanously. I am sure I have missed out giants from Asia. But I pray that Asia would produce many such giants.


I thought often, how lovely if this book was made available to a wider audience. It would be so refreshing for our younger leaders to hear a great servant of God speak–for that is what happened to me when I was reading. But perhaps the unique beauty of the book was the limitedness of its intended audience.


Anyway I pray that I would be a sincere person. I pray that the new Lausanne Leadership would be sincere people–and, praise God, I have much hopes here!


May God’s sufficient grace sustain you and all your step daughters and their families and even the great grand son!! And may he keep you rejoicing along the way.


Thanks so much for thinking about me when thinking about whom to send copies to.


Sincerely in Christ,


Ajith Fernando