Christian Life

Sovereignty And Turmoil

Published in Anchored in the Storm: Faith at Work in the Trials of Life, edited by Irene Howat (UK: Crusade for World Revival, 2001).   GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY AMIDST TURMOIL Ajith Fernando   When Sri Lanka experienced its first of many recent violent uprisings in 1983 the truth that God burned into my heart more …

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Eating With Servants

Written in 2007   SOME UNCOMFORTABLE VERSES OF SCRIPTURE Eating with Servants Ajith Fernando   Dear friends,   Sometimes when we are studying the Bible we come across some statements that force us into some uncomfortable conclusions. This is what happened to me when I was studying the section on the three Pilgrimage Festivals …

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Facebook And Intimacy

FACEBOOK AND INTIMACY   I sometimes take pride at my ability to multi-task, though with age that ability is gradually diminishing. Yet multi-tasking could cause problems in a relationship. My wife gets quite annoyed when I am working at my computer or my phone while she is talking to me. I claim that I …

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